Shaving Kit
Bar of Shaving Soap and a crock (assorted colors) with a Boar Bristle shaving Brush.

Deluxe Shaving Kit
Pre-shave OIl, Bar of Citrus scented Shaving Soap, AfterShave, and Beard Balm for softer facial hair.
Teacher Appreciation Basket
Lemon Verbena Lotion, Hand Sanitizer Spray, Germ Be Gone Rollerball and Lemon Balm Lip Balm
Deluxe Facial Basket 
Glowing Skin Facial scrub with Australian Red Clay and ground pumice, Gentle Makeup Remover, Cassius Clay Facial Bar with Activated Charcoal, French Green Clay and Bentonite Clay, Gentle Eye/Face cream and Lady MacBeth Facial Serum
Good Night, Sleep Tight Basket  Lavender Bath Bomb, Lavender Soap, Lavender Lotion, Lavender Linen Spray, Good Night, Sleep Tight Salve, Sweet Dreams Tincture
Flowers for Al Baskets
(Specially formulated for Teen skin) $38 ea
Ladies: Alessandra Cream, SMP (Stop Menstrual Pain salve) Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa Face Mask, Alessandra Soap Bar

Gentlemen: Alessandro Cream, Aftershave (Lotion or Spray) Cucumber Honey Face Mask, Alessandro Soap Bar

Oh Baby! Gift Basket
Pamper the expectant mom or new mom!
Solid Lotion Bar (Jasmine or Lavender)
Lavender Lotion
Baby Powder Soap bar
Love My Hands Basket
Grime Buster Bar soap with pumice, Heal it Quickly rollerball,
Healing Hands Lotion

Love My Pup Gift Basket
Dog Shampoo Bar, Insect Repellent Spray, Paw Wax tin.

*soap design in various colors; dog or paw print design chosen at random